Solskydd hytt - för bästa förarmiljö

Beautiful and sunny weather is not always the best thing. Especially if you're a machine operator sitting in a cabin where the temperature can rise up to +50°C even if the temperature outside only reaches +20°C. The heat radiating through larger windows and windshields can reach high tempreatures. The heat from the engine also adds to the heat and the ability to perform and concentrate is reduced in high temperatures.

The sunshine can also cause discomfort in many ways through reflections and dazzling. Monitors are almost unreadable in direct light of the sun.

KLARA-SOL deflects 73% of the heat and light that would otherwise enter the cabin. The deflection of heat also helps the air condition to keep a more even temperature in the cabin. The blind is easily rolled up and completely out of the way when they are not needed. The blind reduces the vision into the vehicle which lowers the risk of break-ins.

Måttanpassa solskyddet för din hytt

We already have measurements to many types of cabins but we can also make customised blinds to satisfy your needs in machines, offices, and workshops etc.

Measurement guides to your KLARA-SOL

Always measure from the inside of the blind and number your windows, the windshield as Nr.1 and then number them clockwise. The blind to the roof (if you have it) is always the numbered last. 

The measurements A1, B1 and C1 is the visible part of the window from the inside of the cabin, the space that the blind is going to cover.

The dimension A2 shows the maximum length of the sunscreen cassette. Keep in mind that the cassette is approx. 15mm longer than the sun protection film on each side. The cassette can also be placed along B2 or C2.

B2 shows the max length of the blind

All of the three measurements (A2, B2, C2) shows the total size of the complete blind and where the cassettes can be mounted. 
Remember to measure all the windows you want to mount the blinds in.