Spakar för entreprenadmaskiner

The EME-system gives us the opportunity to add many functions into one single joystick, at low costs. EME has a wide range of uses where only the user's imagination puts a stop to the combination of the handle's functions.

The basic handle enables a sturdy grip for the hand & a natural working position, is often used with the wrist rest to relieve the hand and arm when making movements away from the body.
The Eme handle is built according to the customer's wishes with 3 or 4 on / off functions per push plate / button. Each joystick can be equipped with proportional control and an additional 5-10 functions in the side panel. In this way you have easy access to your functions as they all go in your hand when used.
Various components for the joystick can be seen below, more can be found under the spare parts tab.