About Förarmiljö AB

Förarmiljö AB (earlier BE-GE Förarmiljö AB) was founded in 1987 in Säter, Sweden by Lars-Inge Andersson. His goal was to supply drivers with a deliberate, ergonomic & sustainable environment. Today this has lead to the highest comfort as possible, good sitting position, in combination with simple & uncomplicated solutions.

Research and development is carried out in close collaboration with companies producing cabins as well as ergonomists & drivers in several different genres. This guarantees that the high demands on ergonomics, safety & comfort are fulfilled.

Lars-Inge Andersson has a past in the forest industry & he himself has been driving many different types of machines. He has many ideas about how the driver environment can be improved in ergonomics, safety, comfort and durability. The products are based on sturdy basic functions that can be adapted to different markets, environments and drivers.

Fundamental constructions & products are constantly developed simultaneously with new models coming into production. Everything is ISO tested & field-tested in real drivers environment.

The close cooperation of development with customers and manufacturers gives us high felxibility & responsiveness to our customers desires and demands. We have adaptations & solutions that suits most machines and drivers.

Special adaptations for challenging drivers environments is our greatest strength, no challenge is too great or too small.

Contact us for a complete solution that fits your demands!

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