Static seat with low dimensions of installation and maintained ability to tilt the seat. Suitable for mounting in buses, the marine and in trains.

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9800 is a static seat with low dimensions and a retained tilt-function which means that you´re able to adjust your position even in a cabin with reduced space.

Standard equipment includes a 640 mm backrest, mechanical lumbar support, standard sliding tracks and black trim.

Addition: : Low backrest, reinforced backrest, QR-backrest, electric heating 12/24V, -electric heating with rheostat, XSS seat and backrest, seatbelt, -reinforced sliding tracks, seatbelt, 2-, 3-, 4-point belt, alarm contact, headrest, Nightfall trim, leather trim, leather-reinforced trim, Vogue trim, black & gray trim, ComfortLine, armrest, side support, Seatpost, Planedamper and a Turntable.

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